Let's Keep a Financial Pulse on Your Business

Amidst COVID-19 affecting the entire country, many finance chiefs at nonprofit organizations, government contractors, and commercial businesses are facing an unparalleled task of closing the books, redirecting funds, preparing new budgets, and addressing technological capabilities with staff working remotely or with a temporary lack of workforce.  

Cordia, a firm specializing in outsourced accounting and technology consulting services, is providing the following help to organizations:

  • Advisory: guidance to address compliance, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, incurred cost submission, and more 
  • Outsourcing: critical outsourced accounting services to keep businesses operating and tighten internal controls
  • Technology: advice on cloud-based accounting software to increase accounting efficiencies 
  • Staffing: Supporting workforce challenges through staffing and recruiting options
  • Communications: Actively participating and advising board members and their nonprofits


As a leading professional services firm ranked by the Washington Business Journal in 2020 as one of the Top 15 largest Accounting Firms, Cordia remains committed to helping nonprofit organizations, government contractors, and commercial businesses improve their financial operations through outsourced accounting, technology consulting, business process advisory services, and staff augmentation. Also recognized by WBJ, Cordia Resources was ranked one of the Top 10 Largest Executive and Professional Recruiters and one of the Top 15 Largest Temporary Staffing Companies in 2019.

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